What is clipping path and how does it work?

Clipping path is a process in Photoshop. Using this process one can remove background of an image. As there are many tools in Photoshop are used to remove image background, at Clipping Path Lab we prefer to use handmade clipping paths using Photoshop. Clipping path is the best way to remove background and this is the least sensitive to errors and result in a nice hard side. Also, for image editing programs clipping path works better like as InDesign, Quark and illustrator. The designers of Clipping Path Lab deliver image containing Clipping paths.

How to draw a clipping path:


  • To create a path, you have to open the path window. If you can’t find the “Path” in Photoshop, then chose the “windows” menu in the top bar.
  • You have to choose the Path Windows From the top of the right path.
  • Now you should chose the “Pen Tool” from the Toolbar of Photoshop.
  • Zooming the Image, start the path many pixels inside zooming the in to the side of the object and click.
  • Put another point (dot) inside the side of the object then a line will be created after doing this process the created line can be curved by clicking, holding the mouse button, and turning/pulling the “Anchor point” now you can create a straight corner in the anchor point holding the [alt] button placing the anchor point.
  • When the path will be completed, for creating a Clipping Path you should choose the option from the Path window and select “Clipping Path”

Source : Clipping Path Lab


Clipping Path Tutorial

Open the file which you want to clip path in Photoshop

Step -1

Use of pen tool

From the tool box, you have to select the “Pen tool” (Shortcut key: Ctrl+”p”)

Pen tool is shown on the right side

Step -2

Click on the side of the element you would like to cut out inside the image, release the button of the mouse. From a particular distance, click once again on the side and this time hold and drag your mouse pointer. Once you see outline is strictly on the side of the image, unleash the mouse. Continue doing same method till you finish up at the purpose wherever you started your path. When you will see the point of starting, you should click on it for closing the path. You have done outside path only. Now see look at the image below

Clipping Path


Now you have to draw paths every gaps of the image, for this you have to create new path starting point in the same way you have done before and keep drawing till you shut the loop with the place of begin. Keep drawing paths for all gaps. You have completed your paths for your image for removing background. Now see the Image below

Clipping Path Service


How to save clipping path on image?

When you will finish drawing paths all the part of the image then you have to save clipping path in the image for remove the background. To do this you need to go to the path palette, it is located under the window, it is called ‘paths’. Now you will found the path which you have done in “work path” select the layer and double click on this layer and give a name of it. In this way your path is saved. See the image below

Remove Background

Now you need to click on the pop up menu in path palette in your Photoshop, and select “Clipping Path” when the clipping path window will open you have to click “OK” or put any number of softness in the flat area, you can leave it blank. And we left it blank. Now see the image below

Clipping Path Service

Finally you have finished applying clipping path to this image nicely.

How to remove background using path?

  1. After completing path if you want to remove the background of the image then bring the “paths” and “Layer” Palette from the “Window” menu.
  2. For selecting the path, press and hold the Control key in the keyboard and click on the path.
  3. Holding the Control key + press the “J” in your keyboard. Now you will get a new layer which contains the object that was in the path.
  4. Now you have to do the background layer off, and the main object will remain with a transparent background. See the image below.

Remove Background serviceSource : Clipping Path Service