What is clipping path and how does it work?

Clipping path is a process in Photoshop. Using this process one can remove background of an image. As there are many tools in Photoshop are used to remove image background, at Clipping Path Lab we prefer to use handmade clipping paths using Photoshop. Clipping path is the best way to remove background and this is the least sensitive to errors and result in a nice hard side. Also, for image editing programs clipping path works better like as InDesign, Quark and illustrator. The designers of Clipping Path Lab deliver image containing Clipping paths.

How to draw a clipping path:


  • To create a path, you have to open the path window. If you can’t find the “Path” in Photoshop, then chose the “windows” menu in the top bar.
  • You have to choose the Path Windows From the top of the right path.
  • Now you should chose the “Pen Tool” from the Toolbar of Photoshop.
  • Zooming the Image, start the path many pixels inside zooming the in to the side of the object and click.
  • Put another point (dot) inside the side of the object then a line will be created after doing this process the created line can be curved by clicking, holding the mouse button, and turning/pulling the “Anchor point” now you can create a straight corner in the anchor point holding the [alt] button placing the anchor point.
  • When the path will be completed, for creating a Clipping Path you should choose the option from the Path window and select “Clipping Path”

Source : Clipping Path Lab


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